About YSP

YSP is a global network of young people that strives towards peace through overcoming national, cultural and religious barriers.

YSP wants to strengthen individuals, families and the environment.

YSP is non-denominational and has no political affiliation.


  • Development of a global peace network of young people transcending national, cultural and religious barriers

  • Strengthening of individuals and families through character education and respectful communication

  • Promotion of a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle

  • Promotion of international exchange programs for young people

  • Promotion of responsible leaders through cooperating with the United Nations, national and regional governments as well as NGOs and religious organisations.


These goals should primarily be reached through 3 kinds of events:



Das Team:

Jonathan Makkonen
1. Vorsitzender
Kerstin Sand
Noorhan Abulkheir
Zana Tahlo
Project Manager
Cultural Events
Maike Tijsterman
Project Manager Interfaith Events
Maike Tijsterman
Project Manager Interfaith Events
Zana Thalo
stellv. Vorsitzender
Zana Tahlo
Project Manager
Cultural Events
Lisa Gergner
Josephine Jensen
Interfaith Events
Markus Zimmermann
General Affairs 
Interfaith Workshop
Joachim Sölva

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